What is Sásta?

Sásta is a fitness pod containing a treadmill which you walk on while enclosed from the waist down within a capsule while your lower body is exposed to vacuum. Manufactured in Ireland and one of a kind this fitness pod utilises vacuum technology to enhance your work out.

Sásta users enjoy the following product benefits…

Short work-out sessions only last 30 minutes, clients can lose a clothes size in 4 weeks (using machine just 3 times per week)
30 minutes on sásta burns up to 700 calories
Suitable for clients up to 31 stone
Brilliant inch and cellulite loss
Improves blood pressure
Anti-ageing benefits
Quickly improves cardiovascular fitness
High performance athletes love it for resilience training
Ideal for rehabilitation and building up strength

 Sásta is the irish word for satisfied and pleased – how this amazing franchise
and technology will make you feel!