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Sásta Fitness

About Us

Sásta Fitness is a friendly, non-intimidating and welcoming studio, full of encouragement and positivity.

Founded in 2010, after extensive research and product design, Sásta Fitness is an Irish company which has taken the fitness industry by storm.

It is based on our patented Sásta Pods, which are treadmill based exercise that utilises vacuum technology. The pods are only available in Sásta studios.

How We Can Help

Sásta for Weight Loss

Exercising on our fitness pod achieves results comparable to four times that generated by regular exercise.

Not only does the Sásta pod burns fat faster, it also improves blood circulation in lower parts of the body naturally prone to excessive fat deposits such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Sásta for Fitness

Sásta is ideal for all levels of fitness.

As you walk or run in the sásta fitness pod, you can build up from a saunter to a sprint, exercising at whatever level you feel comfortable at. sásta caters for all age groups starting from 16 years of age all the way up to 70+, both men and women, the fit and not so fit.

Sásta for Health

We have assisted people in

– Improving cardiovascular fitness
– Reducing cholesterol
– Improving blood pressure
– Improving skin tone with associated anti-aging benefits
– And much more…


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